It wasn’t a great year for blogging for me, but it was good for other things! I figured I’d round out the year with a quick recap post, so I don’t forget what happened 🙂

In February, I finally got my kitchen mostly complete by putting up a backsplash, with loads of help from my parents. It’s been grouted, but of course, the bottom is still not caulked ten months later!

In March, I got to return to Hawaii, this time to go to Honolulu with family. It was fantastic, two weeks of sight-seeing and spending a ton of time outside.

In April, I adopted this goofball from a local rescue organization. Scotch likes to help around the house by moving pencils, roughing up the screens, and making sure yarn doesn’t stay neatly stored for long.

In June, I traveled to Warsaw with the rest of the Theme Team for a meetup. It’s a stunning city, and looking through my photos for the year, I’m sad to see I didn’t take many while I was there.

In August, I spent the part of a week camping and out of mobile range, which was a great way to disconnect for a bit — as usual I didn’t even take photos.

In October, I went to Orlando for the Grand Meetup — my first time in Florida, and a lot of fun, though I don’t think I quite got used to the +35 temperatures that time of year.

The bulk of the year since has been a lot of time heads down, adding styles and support to a bunch of themes for the new WordPress block-based editor (including this one!).

Of course, there were a lot of little things worth remembering, too — short trips on the island, dinner and drinks with friends I haven’t seen in ages, and time spent with family.

It was a great year; as it winds down I’m looking forward to resetting and taking a bit more time off in the New Year. I don’t really have much by way of resolutions for 2019, except being a little kinder to myself — getting outside more, sleeping more, and making sure to get away from screens more than I managed this year.

I should probably write a few more posts next year, too.

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